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Workshop #4:

Opening of cultural institutions: Human resources and organisation.

28 March 2023 ∙ 10:00 a.m.– -1:00 p.m. ∙ online

At present, Frankfurt’s urban society is significantly influenced by its international character and the experience of migration. However, the diversity of the people who live here has so far only been reflected to a limited extent in the city’s cultural life. In our fourth workshop, we therefore ask how we can increase the diversity of staff members in cultural institutions in order to better represent the city’s society, and how a ” welcoming culture” in cultural institutions could be strengthened and expanded. We will also discuss how topics of the future such as diversity, digitalisation and sustainability can be better anchored in the organisational structures of cultural institutions. Another focus will be the question to what extent new connections and stronger networking between different cultural institutions could encourage a goal-oriented opening.  


1st From your point of view, what approaches would be suitable to increase staff diversity in cultural institutions?

2nd In your opinion, how could a “welcoming culture” towards a diverse urban society be strengthened and developed in cultural institutions?

3rd What aspects should the organisational development of cultural institutions include in order to integrate topics of the future such as diversity, digitalisation, and sustainability in an even better way into the structures of the institutions?

4th To what extent could cooperation and networking between different cultural institutions contribute to a programmatic opening and further development? What approaches would be suitable here according to your point of view?

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