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Workshop #15:

New ways of promoting culture

Fully booked: 24 May 2023 ∙ 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. ∙ online

Additional date: 15 June 2023, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.   online

Today, cultural funding is no longer limited to the provision of funding alone. It also supports and accompanies the development and transformation processes in art and culture. By defining funding goals and embedding them in corresponding funding programmes, an up-to-date cultural funding system proves to be a creative force in terms of a transformative cultural policy. In the context of social change and the current challenges in culture, we ask what specific consultative and professional training formats are needed to accelerate transformation processes in cultural institutions. We also ask what role, for example, specific support for young talents might have in contributing to more diversity and innovation in culture. We will also investigate what aspects should be considered in the further development of project funding and what measures can be taken to promote the use of shared event and rehearsal spaces.   

This kep.workshop will address the following questions:

1st What approaches do you consider suitable for promoting the shared use of event and rehearsal spaces?

2nd What aspects do you think should be considered in the further development of project funding?

3rd What potential for strengthening cultural participation and artistic innovation could, in your view, be attributed to the specific promotion of young talents?

4th To what extent could the promotion of specific consultative and professional training formats support cultural institutions while in the process of transformation (e.g., in the areas of diversity sensitivity, digitalisation and sustainability)?

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